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AppWEAR Heated Shoe InsolesThe Slim Heated Insoles are more about toasty feet. After speaking with cyclist, fishermen, football fans and Winter-sports people standing around and cycling in the chilly winter is not pleasant and can really make you suffer so getting these groups of people toasty Feet with the thinnest Heated Insoles on the market is a game changer.

Feet need good breathability for comfort and health. Vulcan Slim insoles are designed with ventilation holes across the whole insole for optimal air and heat distribution. Say Bye to Cold Feet with the help of 3 Heat settings on remote to adjust to your comfort.

Charger and battery are included in purchase inside nice fabric pouch
This product is covered by a Two Year Warranty

Slim Heated Insoles Specification:

1) Sizes: Please see size guide S-M-L-XL
2) Material: EVA base sandwiched inside heat pad and electronic box and soft EVA arch support
3) High 55 – Medium 45 -Low 40 Degrees C.

  • Voltage 3.7v remote controlled temperature settings
  • Accessories: EU & UK charging Adapter
  • Battery specification DC 3.7V 2200mAh
  • Adapter output ≥1.0A
  • Rechargeable
  • lithium batteries 2 hours to full charged;1.5~5.5 hours use.

Operating Instructions:
Please Read Manual provided
Remote to control functions, 3 Heat levels.
Rechargeable lithium batteries. 2 hours to fully charged, 2- 6 hours use depending on settings.

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