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AppWEAR® - Heated Tracking Vest and Jacket
AppWEAR® provides heated garments that allow the user to control their temperature with an app from their smart phone.
AppWEAR Heated Warm Clothing
The AppWEAR"Warming Tracker" Vest and Jacket have amazing features. Push-button LED silicon button for manual heat control. Three heating pads front and back of the jacket and vest. Composite heating system for durability and reliability. RECCO tag for added safety, be searchable when exploring the elements. Wash your jacket or vest on delicate setting and then hang dry and you're ready to go. Water and rain resistant fabric with insulation for added warmth. Four levels of heat adjustable for your comfort when exploring the great outdoors. Up to 12 hours of battery life on a single charge.
AppWEAR Heated Clothing App Driven