How do I turn on my heating product?

Please make sure the battery is fully charged, firmly connected to the jack and tucked in it’s closed pocket. Then press the single control button for 3 SECONDS (Golden Rule!). It is the same process to turn the garment off as press the control button once again for 3 SECONDS.

What materials are the products made from?

Below is a breakdown of the fabric content:
Shell - 75% Polyester, 25% Polyurethane (25% Bio-based PU) Insulation - 100% Recycled Polyester - 100% Polyester

How do the heating pads work?

Three carbon-fiber heating pads heat the garment through a process called resistive heating. Much like an incandescent light bulb, current flowing through an electrically resistive material like carbon fiber gives off heat. These pads have been rigorously washed and dried for over 50 cycles (surpassing most garment lifespans), and special manufacturing techniques such as heat encapsulation, silicone dipping, and off-set splicing ensure waterproofness and minimize short-circuiting.

Can you take these on a plane?

You can take any of our Intelligent Heated products on a plane in the US, along with the approved lithium-ion batteries. International customers should check with their local flight administration before attempting to travel with the battery. However, in most cases it is treated just like your cell phone. The AppWEAR founder often travels with 6 to 8 garment samples with batteries in his carry-on and has never had an issue passing through airports and on any flight.

Is there a warranty?

All of our gear comes with a warranty against manufacturing defects. If something becomes defective (outside of normal wear and tear), we will repair it for you wherever possible.

What shipping carrier will you use?

DOMESTIC: If you're in the US, we'll be shipping your package out of Bend, Oregon fulfillment center using a ground service (USPS, UPS) depending on destination and shipment size). These packages will have tracking information that will work within the US and Canada.

INTERNATIONAL: Non-US orders will ship from our European fulfillment center via DHL typically depending on location and shipment size.

Please Note that we cannot alter the value of your products on customs declarations - the value will be declared as the total value of the items contained in the shipment. Additionally, no orders will be marked as a “gift”. Duties and fees may still apply based on your delivery location.

Is the battery included?

Absolutely yes - we’ll be including the most appropriate battery with each garment.