Fast Charging Wireless Graphene Power Bank

Treat yourself to the lastest in Graphene Technology

Charging your Devices on the move every day can be a pain until you purchase a Vulcan Graphene Power Bank! A First 4 in 1 device Charger, that will charge your phone wirelessly, and recharges super fast too.

Graphene is the next big thing in battery technology. Researchers have been working to make Graphene batteries mainstream because they are far better than the Lithium Polymer batteries that we are using today. Thanks to its properties like higher energy density, higher electrical conductivity, flexibility, strength and more, Graphene batteries are superior to Li-Po batteries.

They are lighter, more durable, last longer, and can store more charge than Li-Po batteries in the same size. Graphene power banks are superior to lithium polymer power banks. Not only they recharge quickly but they also last longer. Treat yourself to the lastest in Graphene Technology , ideal for the busy phone user, or gadget intense person for all things on the move.

Features & details of Both Graphene Batteries:

Portable Power Bank with High Capacity: High-density Graphene battery, Widely compatible with I Phone’s , iPad, most other Phones and Tablets, and other USB compatible devices.

Fast Charge: Can be fully charged 6-8 times faster than currently Lithium Power batteries.

Two-way Quick Charge: Two-ways QC3.0 PD quite charge and wireless charge, Can charge for Phone and Laptop at the same time.

Durable ,Safety and Portable: Charging & discharging cycle will be more than 1000 times,and will not heat too much when charging and discharging.Can be taken on board planes when traveling and backpacking.

Warranty and Support: If you have any questions, feel free to contact us via e-mail, 12 month warranty. For other Vulcan Power Graphene batteries to power Heated products visit the battery category page.

Vulcan Graphene Power 10,000mAh Features:

  • Graphene Power Bank
  • Capacity: 10000MA 37WH
  • Rated Capacity: 6500mA
  • Colors:Black, Red, Blue, Silver
  • Size: 105 x 65 x 22mm
  • Weight: 290g
  • Charging Time: 45-60 Mins
  • Conversion Rate: 80%

Vulcan Graphene Power 20,000 mA Features:

  • Graphene Power Bank
  • Capacity: 20000MA 74WH
  • Rated Capacity: 13000mA
  • Colors: Black, Red, Blue, Silver
  • Size: 110 x 80 x 23mm
  • Weight: 400gm
  • Compatible Protocol: PD18W/QC3.0/SCP/FCP/VOOVIAFC/PE2.0/BC12
  • Charging Time: 100-120 Mins
  • Conversion Rate: 80%
  • Battery Cell: Graphene Composite Battery
  • Charger: 60 W

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